Service Management Software also known as Low Cost CRM system, designed and developed by Business Integration Software Ltd. (UK).

Low cost CRM system the small-scale businesses to maintain the day-to-day activities with automated email facility for billing and payments.

We believe all in one package and focus to cover wide spectrum low cost CRM Solution. It covers both business and sales requirement including service and operation management.

Full customizable database facility is incorporated in the budgeted CRM system.

Let us know the important features required by one while opting for small business CRM software.

  • Easy to use: – Yes, the biggest requirement of any software is the ease of working on it. It should work as a helping hand to the management and our Service Management Software was made keeping Users in mind. Being a businessperson or its management one doesn’t wish to invest time learning software. We have provided a hierarchal CRM solution, which has separate tabs for the fulfilment of different requirements. Just a click and one is in the required action tab.
  • Customisable: – Our CRM solution is customisable. It could be upgraded on demand. It is a wholesome product, which is already filled by all the needs one could have, but we have open window for customisation. Our CRM solution gives you the full control over the usage of it, so you can be ahead of the competitor.
  • Cloud-Based Software: – Cloud based software is the remote data centre managed and handled by third party which are backed by high quality infrastructure. An online cloud based CRM software is up all the time and ready to use from anywhere. It has access from any part of world; all you need is a device and Internet connection. This also enhances the data security level of CRM software. We get high quality CRM solution at good price. Our CRM solution is so developed that one can have multiple simultaneous logins, many reminders and fast interface.

Our Service Management Software is filled with all the gems, which are required by an entity, and it is a ready to use software. Just subscribe for it and your software is ready. You can start your free demo by contacting our tem expert or call us on above-mentioned number in the website.

Its better to make your dream come true in a field of customer relationship management because it is based on first come first serve rule.

All the best! Don’t waste your time to grab your opportunity.