How our CRM Software maintains products

Business Integration Software Ltd has designed basic affordable low-cost Online CRM Software which enables small businesses, stores, warehouses, freelancers and individual to take and enjoy the full benefit of industry standard CRM System. Our Online CRM Software has comprehensive and full-fledged product development and product maintenance lifecycle are built into the system.

Our product s has all the product related attributes which facilitate businesses to tailor the product to fit in with their business or organization. All the products have a common set of attributes name, description, URL, digital signature along with all FX rates, the cost for distributors and ancillary attributes to provide complete control over the management of the product.

All the products as part of Online CRM Software have full lifecycle built into it.  As the product evolves information changes. We are required to manage customer expectations regarding the product to maintain historical information regarding any changes in the product whether its price, description or URL.

Our Online CRM Software caters for product expiry as well as the inception of the product. We are required to manage legacy products for our customers and provide full help even product no longer exists in the market. Our Service Management Software has a built-in database for the product to maintain live information as well as historical information.

Nowadays products and Sales are delivered for global sales and depend on FX fluctuation. We have a manual entry of FX rates where Online CRM software allows you to manually enter FX rate and calculate the price based on the country and region associated with it.  This makes our low-cost simple CRM software the best candidate for small business and individuals.

In conclusion households, local businesses, shopkeepers’ individuals can benefit from our Online CRM Software. It will provide state of the art with a simple configurable interface for daily use without any frills.

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