Business Integration Software Ltd leading skilled in development have recently built affordable CRM
System for everyday use with none huge system complexness and easy for freelancers to small
businesses. Service Management software client package has all the practicality needed for client
Service Pipeline, wherever all deals square measure monitored from the origin. Our client trailing
package for a sales agent to mark through origin until product expires. With constitutional client
historical information datum can close additional deals associated with it. Once client and sales are
established successfully our CRM software triggers in to manage sales tracking with Sales Tracking
In any CRM System transaction plays a vital role where transaction visibility is must for any sale. Service
Management Software sales process equipped with transaction logic for sales team to ensure that sales
funnel easily. Our sales process tool that sale tracking software which can be tracked manually or
automatically through sales tracker reminded process scheduled end of day. Transaction panel keeps
track of all the sales regarding payment now and payment in the future and consistent reminder takes
place in time, no need for sales agent to worry our CRM system sales process takes care of it.

Live data either transactional data or sales data or customer data have become a necessity with growing
mobile accessibility. Our budget CRM system has a Live panel for a sales agent to real-time sales data.
For day-to-day operation and managing customer as well as sales Live Service Management information
provides sales agent to easy to do live up to date sales forecast and audit sales on regular basis. This
gives customer support what needed on the spot and manage their expectations. All the sales data is
available live on the screen and in terms of reporting in the PDF format, which gives sales added
advantage with accuracy and future forecast for products sales.

CRM System basic functionality is to provide as part of a sales process to do sales management and
provide forecasts for sales. Our sales information package has all the sales functionality assume as an
audit for sales. The software allows to Audit Your Sales at fingertip with an added benefit to provide
sales performance live on the spot information. Sales management designed with the international
market with FX calculator built within it. It allows to sales and customizes CRM system at international
level. Profit and loss of sales are given in all the currencies taking your FX data entered manually into the

With extensive functionality as described earlier, our Service Management Software is one of the unique
Low-Cost Budgeted CRM System. It is designed with simplicity in mind and catered for low budget and
low-cost users in the mind. This software is designed with full flexibility and modularity and easily
extensible in mind. It allows sales agents, individual, small businesses and freelancers who want to start
their business can take full advantage of it. Service Management Software can be tailored to market
almost any kind of business starting from Sales Tracking Software, Loan Management System, Customer

support software along with sales support and many other functionalities to satisfy a need for any type
or kind of business.

To find out more about our Service Management Software, get in contact with us, about our low-cost CRM Software.