How our Sales Keeper software manages sales

Sales play a significant role in today’s life. We are purchasing and selling goods all the times. Managing sales and life cycle are even critical regarding payments and maintenance.  The product life cycle is part of the sale and maintenance and accuracy of product details are as critical as selling it. After sales maintaining sales history and product history is also important for business whether its local shopkeeper or big warehouse. Sales Keeper achieves this goal.

Business Integration Software Ltd has designed to maintain lifetime history and sales records as a Sales Keeper software. Sales Keeper software is incorporated as part of a bigger picture called Online CRM Tool.  Our low budget Online CRM Tool has sales keeper part as a small module which entails all the sales keeping facilities. When a sale is generated or invoked life cycle maintenance starts with sales records inside in the resident database. Sales Keeper records are associated with the customers and products.

Our Sales Keeper software works in conjunction with product details. All the sales data is ascertained from the product storage where every detail of the product is kept which allows sales to extract the information and use as part of the Sales Keeper software.

As we understand every sale is associated with a customer and customer records are a critical part of any products especially when it comes to security and updates. A customer needs to be established inside the system before any sale can take place. Our Online CRM Tool has built-in customer management software which works along with the sales keeper software to give the unlimited and unbounded facilities to the system user online.

We have developed this package with small business in mind and all the details like bespoke configuration are built within our package and which makes it as a personal package for businesses and can be called as white label providing full customizable facilities.

Our Sales Keeper software is simplest to use and all the information is processed in real time. It’s a low-cost package which enables small business, local shops or households to make use of it at ease. This package is integrated with all the CRM process management activities which make it one of the unique and easiest online sale keeper packages for daily use.

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