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Service Management Software Manage
Service Management Software is simple and easy to manage sale
Service Management Software can be accessed from anywhere
Add Reminder for Payments
Manage the product sale, send renewal notice to the customer cancel sale and payments.
Service Management Software Live
Sale Details
Data manage and securely recorded
Capability of calculating product payment expiry dates
Live product details we can see the product registered date, product renewal date, product price, applied tax total amount and product status
Manage your sale with all the payments details
Service Management Software Trace Product and
Transaction Activity
Transaction Reports, product sale cancellation reports
Transaction activity report with payment status
Download Transaction PDF report with all the payment
details, product details and transaction type
Provide facility to send the transaction bill PDF to the customer's email
Service Management Software Product Expiring
Sent email to customer when product renewal date going to expire
Send alert mail when 30 days remaining to renew, 15 days remaining to renew, 7 days remaining
to renew and 1 day remaining to renew the product
Product expiring report provide all the details of product like- customer details, product details, tax details, product price and product expiry days
Simplified the EMI and Billing system

Service Management Software

Service Management Software Automated Notifications Add Unlimited Product icon

Add Unlimited Products with Service Management Software

We can add unlimited product with the few details of product like- product name, product price, tax type, applied tax, automatically calculated the tax amount and total amount of product once we added products we just need to add product in user basket and easily to sale the products, licence management software provides us to add unlimited products, and we can manage the products easily we can update product price applied tax etc.

Service Management Software currency controller Icon

Currency Controller with Service Management Software

whenever we sale the product to the new customer, create a new customer and select the currency type like GBP, INR, $ etc, sales management Software provide the facility to use any currency with different customer, whenever we add a new customer first time we need to select currency type after selecting the currency all the product amount visible customer's currency and also me can maintain the TAX Type according to the country.

Service Management Software Add Product to User Basket Icon

Add Product to User Basket with Service Management Software

Service management software provide the facility to add product to user basket, we can sale unlimited product to the customers and maintain all the product reports, payments and renewal reminders, Instalment Management Software provides no of reminders for add products to user basket, whenever we add no of products in user basket reminders count how many reminders are you using for reminds the sales renewal notice and Instalments.

Service Management Software Cancelled Sale Icon

Cancel Sale and Product Status with Service Management Software

Service management software provides the facility to cancel sale once we cancelled the sale all the cancelled sale details visible on cancelled report panel, facility to maintain all the data, all the cancelled sales visible on a single panel so we can manage the records of payments and sales, sale management software provides the best way to maintaining the records of payments of sales and also cancelled sale with the all the details.

SMS Cost Cutter Icon

Cost benefit with Service Management Software

It helps in cost cutting as single application contains all the features of record keeping related to sale and payments. No additional staff or setup is required to use it, hence an effective cost cutter, Product Management Software contains all the sales required information like running sales, cancelled sales, expired sales payments details, user information with product details price , TAX and the next renewal date, expiring days and remaining reminders with all the details in a single application.

Service Management Software Automated Notifications Automated Notifications Icon

Automated Notifications with Service Management Software

Sent email to customer when product renewal date going to expire Send alert mail when 30 days remaining to renew, 15 days remaining to renew, 7 days remaining to renew and 1 day remaining to renew the product, we can maintain all the product renew details with product detail and customer details, its working as a Instalment Notifier all the sales notifications send automatically and also facility to send notifications manually, all sales details on your finger tips.

Service management Tool icon

Current Sale Details with Service Management Software

In this panel we get all the details of customers and their purchased products. from here we can get all the price and tax details and also product registration date , renewal date and expiry date, in Renewal Tracking Software keeping track of all the current sale all sale visible in a single panel with details of purchasing date, expiring date , renewal date and prices and tax of the product.

Service management Software Payments Icon

Payments with Service Management Software

From this option we can update the payment details i.e when the owner received the payment, payment details and the remaining amount. also it updates the product next renewal date, Instalment Notifier can visible all the payments in a single panel we can send the payment receipt to customer's email id so here we can manage all the payments easily and we can maintain the transparency, we can pay the amount in single transaction or instalment basic.

Service Management Software Renewal Notice Mail Icon

Renewal Notice with Service Management Software

By this tool we can send payment reminders via email to the customers. also if we want to send any mail related to renewal notice to the customer we can do it from here, Renewal Tracking Software or Renewal Tracker maintain all the renewal notice reports and emails we can easily add the additional details or text for customer(s),we have facility to auto renewal notice to the customer.

Plans of Service Management Software

We have predefined plans as per the demands of the customers. If you want to get it customised as per your needs then drop a mail on

SMS Small

up to 500 reminders
£ 50
  • SMS- Small package of Service Management Software. It is for small business purpose. You can add upto 500 reminders on it.

SMS Medium

up to 1000 reminders
£ 90
  • SMS- Medium package of Service Management Software. It is for medium business purpose. You can add upto 1000 reminders on it.

SMS Large

up to 5000 reminders
£ 350
  • SMS- Large package of Service Management Software. It is for large business purpose. You can add upto 5000 reminders on it.

About Service Management Software

Service Management Software helps you manage your sales in a well structured manner. you can add practically unlimited sales and renew them in a click. it keeps us updated about the deadlines to renew the sales. It is a sales tracking software. It keeps the record of all the customers, Products and sales done by us.  it can help you the track of EMI and also of licence based selling. As it keeps us updated with the due date of payment. it is so flexible that we can manually add the due date ( it will help us a lot in case of part payments )

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